Dec 13, 2016

NFS-VLTED Help file Released(CHM Version) | By GAMER-X-1ST

Now I'm releasing a another version of the Help file I hope it help you to used NFS-VLTED!

NOTICE!:At the VERBAL Type the CODE is only for NFSMW 2005

NFS-VLTED Help file release (HTML Version) | By GAMER-X-1ST

Did you Remember when I told you about the Help file? well I already made one in a Webhelp version(HTML)!

I actually need to break it apart so I would be able to upload it

(Notice:Not all of them are perfectly right)

Dec 12, 2016

Halo Windowed Mode | By GAMER-X-1ST

This file Will help you open Halo PC/CE Opened on windowed mode and make it easier for you to debug it with the Original Shortcut

Gamer-x-1st savegame for NFS Most Wanted (2005)

I made a Savegame for Most Wanted and I finished it and I made a access on Razor's BMW M3 GTR E46 and I used save-editor to put a lot of money

I hope you enjoyed

Blog's Biggest Update!!

Finally after a long time I made a better look of the blog!

I made some improvements with the looks and layout of the Blog without changing the Template

Some Fonts are changed and some text are bigger!

I made the post at the middle

As a part of the Update a giving a mod that changing the logo for Most Wanted (2005)

Some Improvements
-New Look
-Text color has been changed
-Layout has been Improve
-And something that I can't remember

Dec 8, 2016

Blog's Update

I update the Blog's Template because some of the Features are not appearing on the old Templates

You could Actually See that I brought back the First Template that I used so it's much more easy to recognize the blog and easy to understand

If you can Take a Look too I create a Forum for this blog

Dec 5, 2016


GAMER-X-1ST Repack is coming back at the old blogsite

For some reason the website builder is giving me a limitation at posting so I decided to comeback and use my old blogsite

Oct 25, 2016

New Blogsite of GAMER-X-1ST Repack

New Blogsite for GAMER-X-1ST Repack has been Created with Website Builder all of the old Post Will still be in this blog but all incoming post will be posted there

Check it out Here!!

Oct 18, 2016

NFS-VLTED 3.1 Help File | Coming Soon

A NFS-VLTED Help File is gonna come soon but I cannot predicted when the file will release because my internet was so crappy but by the way I'm gonna upload a new NFS Modloader Setup soon with the new Updater feature were it will updating it by itself but I'm still Working on it so Stay tuned


Sep 20, 2016

Finding a Perfect mod for your game? No Problem MODDB is the answer

If you are trying to find some Mod.I suggest/recomending to you to go on Moddb because all of kind of games are in there but not all kinds for all of games are in there but Check it out maybe you can find a nice mod out there for your game

Visit MODDB Here!