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NFS-VLTED Help file Released(CHM Version) | By GAMER-X-1ST

Now I'm releasing a another version of the Help file I hope it help you to used NFS-VLTED!

NOTICE!:At the VERBAL Type the CODE is only for NFSMW 2005

NFS-VLTED Help file release (HTML Version) | By GAMER-X-1ST

Did you Remember when I told you about the Help file? well I already made one in a Webhelp version(HTML)!

I actually need to break it apart so I would be able to upload it

(Notice:Not all of them are perfectly right)

Halo Windowed Mode | By GAMER-X-1ST

This file Will help you open Halo PC/CE Opened on windowed mode and make it easier for you to debug it with the Original Shortcut

Download Here!

Gamer-x-1st savegame for NFS Most Wanted (2005)

I made a Savegame for Most Wanted and I finished it and I made a access on Razor's BMW M3 GTR E46 and I used save-editor to put a lot of money
I hope you enjoyed

Blog's Biggest Update!!

Finally after a long time I made a better look of the blog!

I made some improvements with the looks and layout of the Blog without changing the Template

Some Fonts are changed and some text are bigger!

I made the post at the middle

As a part of the Update a giving a mod that changing the logo for Most Wanted (2005)

Some Improvements
-New Look
-Text color has been changed
-Layout has been Improve
-And something that I can't remember

Blog's Update

I update the Blog's Template because some of the Features are not appearing on the old Templates

You could Actually See that I brought back the First Template that I used so it's much more easy to recognize the blog and easy to understand

If you can Take a Look too I create a Forum for this blog


GAMER-X-1ST Repack is coming back at the old blogsite

For some reason the website builder is giving me a limitation at posting so I decided to comeback and use my old blogsite