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NFS MW Mod pack is about to be released in MODDB

Just check it out

Download Mod Pack - Mod DB

NFS Mod Manager Help File Released

NFS Mod Manager help file is a new help file for one of the newest tool that nfsu360 released. see the help file for the usage of the tool.


GTA SA - GTA V Mods Pack

I pack some Mods that Make my GTA San Andreas looks Like GTA V and I would like to share them

This Packs Includes:

Los Santos Texture From GTA VGTA V Hud by DK22PACGTA V Car PackGTA V High Quality WeaponsGTA V Radar Style v2 Credits are inside the archive

Download Link: GTA SA - GTA V - 304.9 MB

Hitman Contracts - Widescreen Fix

Hitman 3 Widescreen Fix in a video instead of posting a instruction

Trying it

A new site was create but I'm not going to fully move it there but Trying to make it fully functional for the thing I'm trying
Visit here

Winchm Pro Patch 5.x

Winchm is a Tool that helps you to create your Own Compiled HTML Helpfile(.chm) Which I used to create some of the Help file that I release

Mirilis Action Crack+Setup 2.5 From

Mirilis Action is a good Video & Game Capture but it require a really mid-high spec PC to Run it smooth
Features: Game Capture Through DirectX & OpenGLScreen RecorderLive Stream To YouTube,Twitch & other Platform that Support Live Streaming

NCH Videopad Video Editor Crack 6.01 Beta from

NCH Videopad Video Editor is a Lightweight video Editor app but the User's Interface is not that Easy to understand and may need some time before you can understand it

Fraps 3.5.9 Cracked

Fraps is a Lightweight Game Capture/Recorder using DirectX and OpenGL
Features: Pre-Activated Setup100% Working and Tested by GAMER-X-1ST Whoever Crack this Software. I'm Sorry I wasn't able to give you a Credits Because I forgot Where it came From. If you Recognize Where this cracked came from, please feel free to give me a message so I could give him a credit



I just Created a Blog With Wordpress but this blog is for personal use only. I won't be posting any crack on that blog check out the Q&A page for more details

Need For Speed Most Wanted - Featuring Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

Check out my new Video. I'm using NFS Most Wanted's Extra Options. and While I'm configuring the config file I notice the vanilla debug world camera and give a try. And I just think of making this little video

NFS-TexEd Help File Released

I'm now releasing a help file for NFS-TexEd See the Download Link in the Sidebar

I'm also planning to upload a video how did a create the help file so tune in

New Site Again?

I just tried another website creator called Weebly. You can visit my site Here. But I am not going to move my blog on that site like I did a year ago. But I'm going to test it and see of I encounter some limitation that could stop me from posting there. So I'm going to post here and in the new site at the same time.

The X Browser

The X Browser is my First Browsing app For Android with the help of AppsgeyserLink


GAMER-X-1ST Repack on Android

Gamer-x-1st is releasing the new & 1st app for android users.
The GAMER-X-1ST Repack app
The app is not yet available on Google Play Store but I'm working to put this on APKPure and currently contacting its Dev.
The app is can be downloaded on the link below


App Version: 0.5 

The app's released is just pre-release,beta, or the initial release. The official release not yet known.