Feb 20, 2017

NFS-VLTED All Available Versions are Compiled in one Setup File

I compiled all the NFS-VLTED Versions that I collected/Downloaded and compiled them at one Setup

Available Versions
  • NFS-VLTED 2.1
  • NFS-VLTED 3.1
  • NFS-VLTED 4.0
  • NFS-VLTED 4.1
I split the file cause my internet was so slow so I need to split with a size of 1 MB each
Click the link on the Download list to download it

Feb 19, 2017

NFS-LANGED Help file Fixed

I fixed the Help file for NFS-LANGED

Feb 17, 2017


I know that I cancelled this project but it is going to be a junk in my Hard drive so I decided to upload it so every one could read it

And by the way I'm fixing the NFS-LANGED help file since there is a lot of things that need to be fix

Feb 2, 2017

GAMER-X-1ST Repack's Milestones

I hit the Milestone that I created a few months ago. And one of those Milestones are hit 5,400 Page views on this blog and I already hit 5,450 pageviews so I'm giving you 2 mods for 2 different game

1 for the Most Wanted and
1 for the Underground 2

This are both name world Cursor for this games, modifying the game's cursor.
Check the Download list for link

Jan 30, 2017

Need For Speed Language Editor Help File Released

nfsu360 post a Tutorial at his blog at how to use NFS-VLTED so I am Cancelling the Help file for that.Instead I'm releasing a Help File for NFS-LangEd

Jan 24, 2017

Incoming Help File

Since nfsu360 already released NFS-VLTED 4.0 on his Blog I'm planning to create a help file about the new version since there are some Major updates

Here is some of the updates

  • ability to modify the existing database structure (add, rename, delete and copy node; fields editor),
  • new text-based file format, the ModScript,
  • the Script Editor - test changes without the need to import script,
  • improved support for NFS: Most Wanted Patch Script (MWPS),
  • import of NFS: Carbon Car settings,
  • automatic logging of changes in the ModScript format,
  • overall improvement of performance and stability.
The Released date of the Help File is UnKnown so stay tuned about it,by the way the I planning to create a help file too for His NFS Modding Toolkit by the time he released the tool

Dec 13, 2016

NFS-VLTED Help file Released(CHM Version) | By GAMER-X-1ST

Now I'm releasing a another version of the Help file I hope it help you to used NFS-VLTED!

NOTICE!:At the VERBAL Type the CODE is only for NFSMW 2005

NFS-VLTED Help file release (HTML Version) | By GAMER-X-1ST

Did you Remember when I told you about the Help file? well I already made one in a Webhelp version(HTML)!

I actually need to break it apart so I would be able to upload it

(Notice:Not all of them are perfectly right)

Dec 12, 2016

Halo Windowed Mode | By GAMER-X-1ST

This file Will help you open Halo PC/CE Opened on windowed mode and make it easier for you to debug it with the Original Shortcut

Gamer-x-1st savegame for NFS Most Wanted (2005)

I made a Savegame for Most Wanted and I finished it and I made a access on Razor's BMW M3 GTR E46 and I used save-editor to put a lot of money

I hope you enjoyed