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NFS Most Wanted Files

We all know a lot of us we're looking for a good copy of NFS Most Wanted and sometimes we found one and it's highly compressed. But some of you Noticed some of the files we're gone, that's because those files needs to be delete/erase to be able to highly compressed. And but you will realize you want to play the game with the complete files. Well I got there right here

Sounds: PFDATA.7z - 409.2 MB
SPEECH.7z - 163.9 MB
STREAMS.7z - 116.1 MB

Blacklist.7z - 245.1 MB
Intro.7z - 45.2 MB
Storyline.7z - 470.0 MB
Tutorial.7z - 82.0 MB

To be able to play the game with this files, follow the instruction if you don't know how to do it.

For Music Game Files.

Download the PFDATA.7zExtract the Files at "(NFS Most Wanted Root folder)/Sounds/Pfdata" For Speech Files.
Download the SPEECH.7zExtract the Files at "(NFS Most Wanted Root folder)/Sounds/Speech" For some engine sounds of the Blacklist and and in-game scenes. Download the STREAMS.7zExtract the Files at &q…
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