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NFS MW Mod pack is about to be released in MODDB

Just check it out

Download Mod Pack - Mod DB
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NFS Mod Manager Help File Released

NFS Mod Manager help file is a new help file for one of the newest tool that nfsu360 released. see the help file for the usage of the tool.


Hitman Contracts - Widescreen Fix

Hitman 3 Widescreen Fix in a video instead of posting a instruction

Trying it

A new site was create but I'm not going to fully move it there but Trying to make it fully functional for the thing I'm trying
Visit here


I just Created a Blog With Wordpress but this blog is for personal use only. I won't be posting any crack on that blog check out the Q&A page for more details

Need For Speed Most Wanted - Featuring Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

Check out my new Video. I'm using NFS Most Wanted's Extra Options. and While I'm configuring the config file I notice the vanilla debug world camera and give a try. And I just think of making this little video

NFS-TexEd Help File Released

I'm now releasing a help file for NFS-TexEd See the Download Link in the Sidebar

I'm also planning to upload a video how did a create the help file so tune in