Incoming Help File

Since nfsu360 already released NFS-VLTED 4.0 on his Blog I'm planning to create a help file about the new version since there are some Major updates

Here is some of the updates

  • ability to modify the existing database structure (add, rename, delete and copy node; fields editor),
  • new text-based file format, the ModScript,
  • the Script Editor - test changes without the need to import script,
  • improved support for NFS: Most Wanted Patch Script (MWPS),
  • import of NFS: Carbon Car settings,
  • automatic logging of changes in the ModScript format,
  • overall improvement of performance and stability.
The Released date of the Help File is UnKnown so stay tuned about it,by the way the I planning to create a help file too for His NFS Modding Toolkit by the time he released the tool